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Foregoing an annuity may increase income received in your first year of retirement but decrease total income received throughout all of retirement.


What We Do

We help you create retirement income, track your accounts and provide you with a personalized, comprehensive and dynamic financial plan. We examine your personal situation and project future income sources like Social Security, pensions and annuities.

We calculate taxes, healthcare costs, goals and other expenses down to your zip-code. We then spread your pot of money over your retirement to accommodate your expenses so you can maintain your standard of living, reach your goals and minimize your chance of running out of money.

We also provide tips on current issues like budgeting, debt management, investing and life insurance. And we help you select the best Medicare policy for you.

Personalized Retirement Forecast

Our proprietary algorithms project your overall retirement preparedness.

Location Driven Healthcare Expenses

Plan for healthcare costs in retirement down to the zip code level.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Download your custom financial plan as a PDF and learn how to improve your retirement forecast.

For Employers

How Financial Wellness Impacts your Workforce

80% of employees report that personal finance issues impact their job performance. Our PhD-led team utilizes behavioral finance to engage employees and empower them to feel more confident about their financial future.

We are fully integrated within your retirement platform, making for an easy user experience. Lastly, we allow users to monitor outside accounts all in one place.

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For Advisors

Stand Out from the Crowd

Our patent-pending actuarial approach is uniquely focused on de-accumulation. We go beyond typical Monte Carlo stress-testing to incorporate different longevity expectations and other factors that impact your client’s risk of outliving their money.

Our healthcare expertise allows us to incorporate real-time ACA and Medicare pricing to guide your client to the best healthcare decision. We re-run our algorithms everyday so that you and your client have a dynamic understanding of optimal strategies.

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