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Comprehensive Financial Wellness

Exceptional Employees Deserve Exceptional Care

85% of employees trust their employer for financial guidance.

Votaire's lifecycle financial platform provides the advice your employees need from recruitment to retirement.


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Designed with People in Mind

Financial stress is not all about dollars and cents. It is about your life. And life can get complicated.

Votaire's simple and intuitive design is crafted intentionally to remove financial anxiety.


Let's Get Technical

Stress Costs

30% of employees are distracted by their finances at work.

46% spend 3+ hours every work week dealing with personal finance issues.

Looking for Help

Financially stressed employees are in dire need of guidance.

In fact, 54% of financially stressed employees plan on postponing retirement.

Help your employees get on the path to a successful retirement.


Votaire's algorithms are developed by health and retirement actuaries with decades of experience.

Our PhD-led team combines the essentials of behavioral finance and financial mathematics to fundamentally change financial decision making for employees.


Plug and play solution. Our on-boarding team does all of the legwork to get you up and running.

Your employees will instantly have access to our robust financial library.

Votaire will link with your current technology for a single sign-on experience.